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Our company is dedicated to helping genre fiction writers find a home for their books--and find a place for those books inside homes of readers.


We enjoy stories that are "in between" genres--the ones that big name publishers are afraid to represent. Why? Because those stories are unique and we want to bring NEW books to the public.


We'd like for you to consider joining our group as a published author.


Please see our Submissions Page to learn what we are looking for and to find out if our company is a good fit for you.


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 short story contest winner!


Genre: Fantasy


Author: Isobel Horsburgh


New Update


June 1st, 2017


We our deeply proud of our authors Christa Yelich-Koth and Stu Tighe for their 2016 Autor's Cirlce award for Novel of Excellence!

(for Science Fiction and Graphic Novel/Comic respectively)




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