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WINNER of the 2016 Novel of Excellence Award for Graphic Novel/Comic from the Author's Circle Awards!




Before the James Watt steam engine, before the Victorian Era, a theft occurred that changed history as we know it.


In the 18th century, Sebastien is recruited for an expedition that will take him across the world. Join him as he unravels the conspiracy behind the caravan's mysterious cargo.

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The characters all speak in their native languages.

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"Steam Age Chronicles is a culturally driven comic with heavenly artwork and an ingenious story...This comic is mesmerizing and enchanting, and it flows incredibly well."--Mariah Kaercher, Twin Cities Geek Magazine.

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"Stu Tighe captures an entertaining storyline and McDermott's wispy artwork makes the locations come alive...I felt like a kid again!"--5-star Amazon review

A culturally driven action-adventure comic

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