(Closed for editing requests)


Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror, humor


Stuart prefers stories that have a more technical element, are more epic, and lean more toward horror/darker science fiction, fantasy, and mystery, (i.e. cyberpunk, steampunk, thrillers, etc.).


In your query, please include word count, genre of book, your writing history, and if you'd prefer Package A or Package B.

DO NOT include pages.


Email him at


SUBJECT: Editing for Stuart

christa  yelich-koth 

OPEN for editing requests


Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, humor, romance, memoir, YA


Christa prefers stories that are more centered around the plot and characters, are more fast-paced, and are lighter, including adventure, humor, and romantic elements.

No erotica.


She is also currently accepting epic fantasy, cyberpunk, and thrillers.


In your query, please include word count, genre of book, your writing history, and if you'd prefer Package A or Package B.

DO NOT include pages.


Email her at


SUBJECT: Editing for Christa





Our team has worked with such published authors as:

Jessica Therrien (Young Adult Fantasy) [B&N Bestselling Author]

Holly Kammier (Chick Lit/Romance) [Bestselling author]

Kat Ross (New Adult Scifi/Fantasy)[Bestselling author]

Benjamin R. More (Horror)

Conrad Teves (Science Fiction Comics)

and have worked internationally with Tellerup Publishing in Denmark.


Choose the editor and editing package that's best for you.



Package A--$1.50 per 250 words for COPY EDITING


Package B--$2.50 per 250 words for STRUCTURAL EDITING plus COPY EDITING


Payments are accepted through PayPal (plus Paypal fee) or by check. 1st half of payment upfront, 2nd half when editing is complete.


Submissions can be either electronic or hard copy. ($12.00 return postage will be added for hard copies.)


Editing does not guarantee acceptance to our publishing company. However, if we feel you are a good fit, we will ask if you are interested in representation.


Most manuscripts are finished within 3-10 weeks once accepted by an editor, depending on length.

What you can expect from us when we review your manuscript:



PACKAGE A: Our editors will review your book line by line, checking for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and awkwardness of sentences. We will comment on areas that need to be better fleshed out or feel sparse, any glaring errors in timelines or consistency, and any problems with repetitive or overused words. This option is best for more polished works.


PACKAGE B: All of Package A, plus plot holes, character development issues, structural problems, flow, pacing, tension, and writing ability. This is much more in-depth and is recommended for earlier drafts or newer writers.


Both packages also include positive comments in the areas we believe work, the characters that stand out, and the descriptions, images, or world-building we enjoy. We want you to feel encouraged and supported in the end, as well as ready to change and improve any areas to make your story the best possible.


  • "Not only is Christa Yelich-Koth an amazing author who knows how to knit together an incredible story, create enchanting worlds, and lovable characters, but she has a unique ability to see layers deeper into other writers' work.  Her edits are far more than simple grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. Christa's  talents lie in restructuring the bones of a novel.  From character motivation and backstories to plot holes and lackluster writing, Christa will definitely bring your book up a few levels.  My best-selling YA series, Children of the Gods, wouldn't be the same without her!" --Jessica Therrien


  • "Christa is a meticulous content editor. Not only does she catch the more obvious plot holes, Christa searches out the small things that with a slight twist can turn up the volume on your manuscript and make it shine. I would loathe to publish any of my novels before Christa worked her magic on my sentences." --Holly Kammier


  • "Christa Yelich-Koth edited my last three books, and now I can’t imagine publishing one without her extensive input. She’s thorough, meticulous, and gives both a substantive edit (addressing larger questions of story, character development and theme) and a fantastic line/copyedit. Seriously, Christa has broken me of bad writing habits I didn’t even know I had! She has a remarkable memory for detail, catching embarrassing discrepancies that had eluded numerous other readers. As a writer herself (and passionate reader), she’s deeply familiar with the genre conventions expected in fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and others, which I think is critical when polishing a manuscript.  I’ve paid professional editors large sums of money and gotten a fraction of the feedback Christa delivers. Don’t expect coddling: if there’s a problem, she’ll tell you immediately (and that’s why we need readers besides mom and significant other, right?). So if you’re not afraid to wade into the trenches and get dirty making your draft about ten times better, Christa is exactly who you want on your side, redlining “that” and “was” and reminding you that when someone is being smothered with a pillow, the killer can’t really look into his eyes as he dies…." --Kat Ross


  • "Christa? From firsthand experience, I can tell you her keen eye will spot not only the mundane errors produced by the writing process, but bits of your text that may not be entirely clear. Specifically, she'll pay attention to the context of what you've written, and will help you make your work that much better." --Conrad Teves