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Daith's father is dead. His death caused a rip in the galaxy's peace. The remains of his army are fighting to restore it.


But Daith knows nothing of this. Her memories have been stolen. She has been kidnapped. All she knows is she has unparalleled abilities that could help end the devastation. Except without her past, how can she know if she's on the right side?


Time is running out and Daith must choose: to search for who she was or use her gifts to restore order.


"The most interesting and wonderful piece of this book is the flow. As mentioned, the story starts off pretty quickly, but once Daith enters the ship's environment, there is a halt and then another slow build-up. The last half of the book felt like whirlwind, but in a wonderful refreshing and exhilarating way. As the pieces of the plot unfold, you are tossed around at guessing who is the true evil. I will not give away too much of this plot, as it is something you will want to discover and unravel yourself. I eagerly await the next book in the series." Kelly Starsmore--Twin Cities Geek Magazine

"One strength is the depth of the abilities you’ve created for Daith. Everything in your book is SO well thought out … I can just feel the anticipation!” — Jessica Therrien, Barnes & Noble best-selling author of the Children of the Gods series. 

"With a prolific world, deep characters, and a mysterious background Christa Yelich-Koth introduces an exciting new series into the world of literature. If you're a fan of Sci-Fi or Fantasy I highly recommend it. If you're not, I still recommend it, it's amazing what a good author can do to sway your interests." --Dylan Hiler, author of The Apostle: Destiny

"As I sit here writing this, is occurs to me that Illusion is one of the better books I’ve reviewed. I read until I could no longer stay awake, and finished it as soon as I could. My only complaint is that I have to wait until the next book to come out to know what happens next. I came to loathe Trey while I rooted for Daith – and to a lesser extent, Dru – to be able to free herself from his grasp.
Christa succeeded in creating an interesting story, one that I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to read. It’s definitely one of my new favorites!"--Joe Hinojosa, book reviewer.

Book 1 in a 2-book set


WINNER of  the 2016 Novel of Excellence Award for Science Fiction from the Author's Circle Awards