Co-founder and Editor Stuart Tighe.


Stu is the lion of Buzz & Roar Publishing.


He is devoted to getting your manuscript ready for publication by ferociously attacking it with power and speed.


He has worked on projects such as HOLLOW, and the follow-up comic book series, HOLLOW’S PRISM and Tellerup Publishing in Denmark.

Co-founder and Submissions Christa Yelich-Koth.


Christa is the queen bee of Buzz & Roar Publishing.


She is continually searching for the best writers to join her hive–writers who are willing to work as hard as she is to present amazing stories to readers.


She is a bestselling author, co-founded Green-Eyed Unicorn Comics, staffed the Southern California Writers Conference, and is co-editor and submissions at REDSHIFT.


She has worked with such authors as Jessica Therrien, Kat Ross,

Holly Kammier, and Benjamin R. More.